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Early in the fat separator 40

The product Early in the fat separator 40 is sold by Strict Ecology company and is part of the Grease separators product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Early in the fat separator 40 you can contact the company Strict Ecology via an offer request below.
Early in the fat separator 40
Sold by: Strict Ecology -
Price: 3250
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Early in the fat separator 40. SEPARATOR GRASIMI DIS 4 can be used by 4 equivalent inhabitants.

Fat separators made of PE-HD (linear polyethylene), fully recyclable material, are used to remove non-emulsified fats from wastewater. In the presence of oil, fats, fats (low specific gravity) and heavy particles high specificity), the mud is compacted, causing clogging of the sewer system or reducing the performance of the treatment unit.

The main source of vegetable fats and oils is found in the food industry:
- Butchers, sausage and meat products;
- slaughterhouses;
- fish preparation units;
- walnut, peanuts;
- producers of edible oil, butter, margarine;
- canteens located in administrative, commercial, social - cultural buildings, hospitals, hotels, military units;
- Restaurants and fast food
- soap and stearin factories;

- Compact form
- low weight;
- small size of recyclable material;
- hermetically sealed;
- Easy to install
- does not occupy space (must be buried);
- does not require power supply;
- Surface resistant to attack of acids, bases and organic substances, vegetable and synthetic fats;
- has a neutral UV reaction;
- mechanical and thermal resistance at temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees;
- Corrosion resistance 30 years;
- Comply with EU rules

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