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Goose feather pillows Billerbeck Szilvia 50x70 cm

The product Goose feather pillows Billerbeck Szilvia 50x70 cm is sold by Ami Towels & Pillows company and is part of the Pillows product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Goose feather pillows Billerbeck Szilvia 50x70 cm you can contact the company Ami Towels & Pillows via an offer request below.
Goose feather pillows Billerbeck Szilvia 50x70 cm
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Goose feather pillows Billerbeck Szilvia 50x70 cm. Billerbeck Szilvia gypsum pillow 50x70 cmBillerbeck is German quality at a competitive price. Billerbeck produces pillows and pilots according to well-established scientific criteria. Products are designed to improve the quality of life. This is in many ways dependent on a healthy and restful sleep. A poor or uncomfortable sleep leads to a deterioration in the mental and physical performance of the ability to concentrate good mood and damage many of the body's functions. Because of this over 90 years Billerbeck & amp; nbsp; continuously studying the habits and requirements of a healthy sleep. & amp; nbsp; FOOD PRODUCTS / PUFProducts of superior quality with puff filling / ensure the comfort of temperature and the optimal climate for a healthy sleep. The more a puff and fewer the feathers the lighter it is lighter and more swollen and the filling quality is better. In the production of pilots, mainly filled puffs are used on cushions. The pillows are mainly used in semiphoff / feather packs that provide better support of the head. Advantages of Billerbeck's puffs / feathers are: - Retaining warmth and moisture absorption - cushions & breathals & amp; (not soaked slightly back to the original shape) - soft and light - unmistakable comfort effect - can be washed at 60 & amp; C with special detergent - unmatched comfort - top quality feather and feathers - SKU: D13CXT063R- Color: White-Manufacturer: Billerbeck-Size: 50x70-Material: Front 100% Cotton-Hardness: Soft-Height: Medium-Filling: Gobelin Bedding: 140 x 90 cm (2 pieces) - Pilot view: 200 x 220 cm - Pilot: Yes - Pilot size: 100 x 90 cm - Cushioning: Yes - Side guard: 180 cm- Delivery time: 2-3 business days Delivery cost: Free shipping for orders with a total value of more than 450 RON. Express courier delivery 19 lei for orders with a total value of products less than 450 RON.

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