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Foil anti Delta Vent S

The product Foil anti Delta Vent S is sold by Betcif company and is part of the Anti-condensation roof foil product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Foil anti Delta Vent S you can contact the company Betcif via an offer request below.
Foil anti Delta Vent S
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Foil anti Delta Vent S. With a high vapor permeability (with an Sd value of about 0.02 m), the Delta Vent S / Delta Vent S Plus anti-condensation film absorbs residual moisture under the tile and provides a safe disposal.

Delta Vent S is an anti-condensation foil for slope roofs with a 3-layer component of a combination of PP-fiber fabrics.

The weight of about 150 g / m2 provides the Delta Vent S anticondential foil with an easy installation. The Delta Vent S can be rolled out and installed without deforming or wrinkling. Gray matte surface stops the reflection of the rays during assembly.

Technical details:

- Combustion behavior: Flammability class B2, see DIN 4102
- Breaking resistance: approx. 260 N / 5 cm in length, approx. 200 N / 5 cm transverse
- Impermeability: Impermeable (DIN EN 13111)
- Sd value: approx. 0.02 m
- Thermal resistance: between -40 ° C and + 80 ° C
- Weight: approx. 150g / m & # 178;
- Roll weight: Approx. 11kg
- Roll length: 50m
- Roll width: 1.50m

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