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Fofo modular formwork

The product Fofo modular formwork is sold by Chance Prod Construct company and is part of the Formwork systems product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Fofo modular formwork you can contact the company Chance Prod Construct via an offer request below.
Fofo modular formwork
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Fofo modular formwork. Formwork FOFO & # 174; for DIAFRAGME, STALPI, CRAFTS, GRINS, FOUNDATIONS

Product designed and manufactured in Romania, pending.
ISO 9002 certification.
Trademark registered by OSIM.

Product description:

Multi-dimensional wood-fired multi-dimensional panels.

Fastened and cushioned frame, treated against moisture and caries with nerasinic paint, resistance to blows and weather, which contains primer, synthetic rubber and special lacquers.

18 mm thick TEGO shelf board, hardwood, generally used for making metallic phenolic film shutters on both sides, 120 g / m;
Formwork Cycles: 40 - 50, subject to handling and responsible handling;
Before each use, apply decofrol to the decofrol plate and after finishing it is necessary to prepare and clean the panels for a new use!

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