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Preform prefabricated formwork system

The product Preform prefabricated formwork system is sold by Building Echipament company and is part of the Formwork systems product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Preform prefabricated formwork system you can contact the company Building Echipament via an offer request below.
Preform prefabricated formwork system
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Preform prefabricated formwork system. Preform Precast Formwork System

Preform Preform Precast Formwork System is available for rental or sale by Marcegaglia Building - Ponteggi Dalmine Division, within the scaffolding and scaffolding product line.

Preform prefabricated formworks are the ideal solution for the needs of a modern building site. The specific benefits enable the productivity of the construction process to be increased, and cost savings by:
- modularity
- reduced number of links per square meter of enclosure
- the complete range of interchangeable accessories
- compatibility with other systems
- fast assembling, disassembly and reconfiguration
- Strict compliance with the rules of tolerance, impeccable fabrication of components and subassemblies
- a large assortment of products
- multiple re-use
- sales and post-sale assistance
- efficient logistics
- Excellent price-quality rate
- safety

The Preform formwork system allows the construction of:

- Vertical casting molds
- horizontal casting molds
- formwork for support posts with poles
- upstands for pillars
- canopies for dams and canals
- formwork for elevator wells
- moldings for underground casting

Thanks to modularity, panels can be mounted vertically and horizontally, overlapped or alternating. Widely available panels are available as series of products that allow weight rationing and reduction of dynamic stresses produced during casting, lifting and disassembly.

Joints with junction sections allow assembly of panels in any position via adjustable vices and clamps.

The high quality of our products combined with the key benefits described above can help you solve any problem related to the molding and assembly processes of casting containers for all types of civil or industrial construction.

Manufacturing standards
- CNR - UNI 10011/88
- CNR - 10012/85
- CNR - 10022/84
- CNR - 10027/85
- D.P.R. 164/56
- D.P.R. 547/55
- E. N. 310, 313-1, 313-2, 314-1, 314-2, 315, 635
- I.S.O. 2426
- Direttiva C.E.E. 91/368 and 89/392

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