Gann Hydromette BL Compact S

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Gann Hydromette BL Compact S
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Gann Hydromette BL Compact S. Hydromette BL Compact S is an? Electronic instrument for measuring humidity designed for various fuels timber and wood suitable for measuring different types of wood and soft. It is an ideal device and a reasonable price:

- environmental protection through low emissions gas

- protects the furnace and chimney due to improved combustion

- optimizes combustion processes; wood can be burned in the optimum range of moisture

The device comes fully equipped with extra pins, battery, protective cover and plastic box.


-Instruments measuring pocket high speed for single measurements or series of measurements
Direct -Indication the amount of moisture in% (atrophy / dry weight) through a 3-line LCD display, resolution: 0.1%
-2 steps correction value wood species
-Functii of? Min / max? and? hold? (pause)
-Indication device temperature and the ambient temperature.
-OPr automatic.
Dimensions: 175 [L] x 50 [L] x 30 mm [H], weight approx. 160 g
-Length area: approx. 195 mm (including protective cover)

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