Gann Hydromette Compact S

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Gann Hydromette Compact S
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Gann Hydromette Compact S. Hydromette Compact S is an electronic instrument for measuring moisture wood is used for fuel wood, medium caliber, both softwood and hardwood, equipped with a large LCD display three lines. The pins on the top of the unit to allow a measurement of the moisture content of the wood to a thickness of 30 mm.

The ideal measurement device and ensure reasonable prices:

-Emisie low waste gas through better combustion of solid fuels in order to protect the environment
-Protecting furnace and the flue by a flue improved
-Economy thermal energy by a better exploitation of solid fuels


-Aparat measuring humidity easy to use, pocket-sized for quick action single or series measurements.
-Calibrat the average value based on a large amount of heavy and less harsh, with 3-digit LCD display.
-Pini electrodes fixed on the cabinet of measurement, suitable for wood approx. 30 mm thick.
-On fully automatic indicator.
-Power by 9V dry cell or rechargeable batteries (optional accessory).
Dimensions: H 200 mm x W 35 mm × D 35 mm. Weight approx. 130 g.

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