Gann Hydromette Compact

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Gann Hydromette Compact
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Gann Hydromette Compact. Hydromette principle of measurement is based on measuring the compact electric constant or high-frequency measurement method. To make measurements, the device is simply placed on the material to be tested. The moisture content can be read immediately. It is necessary to introduce wood pins. Suitable for wood up to 40 mm thick. Hydromette compact is useful, especially for painters, interior builders, installers of flooring and furniture manufacturers.


-Aparat measuring humidity easy to use, fast measurements without pin single or series of measurements. No cable or separate measuring electrodes.
-On fully automatic indicator.
-Setarea device for automatic correction of the readings depending on the species of wood. Setting range: Positions 1-10.
-Power by 9V dry cell batteries.
Dimensions: H 170 mm x W 35 mm × D 35 mm. Weight approx. 140 g.

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