Gann Hydromat CM Standard

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Gann Hydromat CM Standard
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Hydromat CM Standard is a tool for determining moisture reinforced construction materials and other materials using the calcium carbide method. Using this technique it is recommended by several associations of specialists for various types of measurements and has been used thus in practice with other electrical measurements. Hydromat CM is easy utilizat.Toate measurements can be made directly on the object using the devices in the kit and quick insights regarding the current state of moisture. The decision whether a floor or wall surface is ready for covering, for example, can be taken immediately.

Standard moisture analyzer version using the calcium carbide method for the determination of moisture in building materials reinforced and several kinds of materials, direct display in CM-%.

Kit contents completely:

- the pressure cylinder,

- the cover and the pressure gauge (plastic housing),

- 20 vials of calcium carbide,

- 2 vials of test fluid,

- debris tray,

- chisel, shovel sample

- 1000g hammer handle,

- brush, duster, bottle brush,

- electronic scale, support for scale, pan,

- set of balls,

- Gaskets parts and carrying case Manual


Compact pressurized -Recipient
-The shape of the bubble created for the
Variable locking -Operating
Sings along small test (ex. 20/50 g)
-Marimea kit: ca. H 125 x W 420 mm x L 500
-Weight kit: Full ca. 7.93 kg.

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