Gann Hydromette Compact

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Gann Hydromette Compact
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Gann Hydromette Compact. Hydromette Compact is an electronic tool wet wood and plaster, which is based on resistance measurement method. The hand is closed around the carcass natural, ergonomically shaped so that the pins at the end of the instrument can be pressed into the material to be measured. Thin pins make it easy measurement of moisture content of wood, particle board and cardboard up to a maximum thickness of 25 mm, as well as normal gypsum or mixed plaster. Hydromette Compact is ideal secondary device for every painter, builder and interior autodidicate people. The unit is supplied fully equipped with the battery pole parts and protective cover.


-Aparat measuring humidity easy to use, pocket-sized for quick action single or series measurements.
-Correcting the two groups of wood.
The measurement of the moisture content of plaster, with a direct readout in percent of dry substance.
-Setare fully automated instrument.
-I electrodes or separate conductors are required.
-Power by 9V dry cell or rechargeable batteries (optional accessory).
Dimensions: H 200 mm L x 35 mm D x 35 mm. Weight approx. 130 g.

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