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The gas burner

The product The gas burner is sold by Insaterm Total company and is part of the Gas & Biogas Boiler Burners product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product The gas burner you can contact the company Insaterm Total via an offer request below.
The gas burner
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The gas burner. Methane gas burner

The EM / E series burners are incandescent, single-stage burners. The EM 16 and EM 26 models can also work on the LPG with a special kit - which is also available on request.
The EM 3, EM 6, EM 9 and EM 35 models can adapt to LPG operation without additional kit.
Starting these types of burners is done with a low flow of methane gas.
The combustion head is built to allow for high efficiency and reduced CO and NOx emissions.
Adjusting the combustion head can be done with the burner in operation.

Burners are equipped with:
- Command and control block
- ionization electrodes for flame control;
- gas valve class A,
- safety valve,
- air shutter with gravity shut-off when the burner is switched off (EM 35 E excluded)
- minimum air pressure switch;
- low pressure gas pressure switch;

It is easy to inspect all components without having to unplug the gas connection.
The housing provides protection and isolation from noise.

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