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textile GEOLENKO

The product textile GEOLENKO is sold by Polnebo company and is part of the Geosynthetic materials product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product textile GEOLENKO you can contact the company Polnebo via an offer request below.
textile GEOLENKO
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textile GEOLENKO. GEOLENKO Geotextiles manufactured by LENKO S.A. are woven materials made of nonwoven polypropylene which are characterized by high strength combined with an insignificant stretch. GEOLENKO Geotextiles are available in different types of resistance (from 15 kN / m to 70 kN / m) as well as physico-mechanical parameters in order to be adapted to the requirements of the projects in different road and road constructions earth.

GEOLENKO products are not subject to decomposition in soil-water environment, are non-toxic to the natural and degraded drinking water, preserve its values ​​at temperatures below 0 ° C and have increased resistance to UV radiation. GEOLENKO also have effective filtration properties as well as the ability to retain bulgarians.

GEOLENKO Geotextiles due to its features have wide use in the following road and earth constructions:
highways and high speed bands;
roads in towns and villages, temporary roads;
spaces under the tramway and railways;
embankments, airports, take-off areas;
parking lots, warehouse markets, sidewalks;
football fields, tennis courts;
dams and earth dams;
improvement systems;

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