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Heat pump. Air-water

The product Heat pump. Air-water is sold by Ora Cinci company and is part of the Heat pumps product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Heat pump. Air-water you can contact the company Ora Cinci via an offer request below.
Heat pump. Air-water
Sold by: Ora Cinci -
Price: 8000
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Heat pump. Air-water. The heat pump for heating domestic water / water heats the water and at the same time cools the air from the room where it is located (basement, closet). The heat pump receives over 70% of the energy in the surrounding air, the rest is provided by electricity consumption to propel the high-quality rotary compressor. Domestic water can also be heated by the heat exchanger installed in the stainless steel tank with a capacity of 300 liters.

Main Advantages:

- Long life guaranteed by the stainless steel high-grade tank,
- low consumption guaranteed by the rotary compressor (30% higher heating coefficient than conventional piston compressors),
- Controlled air offers the possibility of cooling the desired space,
- automatic anti-alege program for household water heating over 60 ° C,
- silent operation,
- two years warranty,
- the heat pump adapted to the user (cooling the air in the mounting room, taking the air out of the room and evacuating it outdoors),
- nice design,
- timer function,
- resistance installed in series,
- water pipe connector.

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