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Heating with heat

The product Heating with heat is sold by Insaterm Total company and is part of the Thermal air heaters product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Heating with heat you can contact the company Insaterm Total via an offer request below.
Heating with heat
Sold by: Insaterm Total -
Price: 436
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Heating with heat. Thermal air heater

According to recent HVAC trends, Galletti offers a universal device for medium and large industrial and commercial buildings combining heating and air conditioning functions. Characterized by the rounded original shape, AREO stands out due to its technical characteristics (all models are equipped with 3-speed engines and configuration for cooling water operation) and due to one of the lowest levels of sound on the market. The AREO range includes 18 models, all designed for wall mounting (horizontal air jet) and for hot or cold water operation, thanks to its innovative condensate drainage and drainage system. If used only for heating, AREO can also be mounted on the ceiling (vertical air jet).

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