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Barbie house

The product Barbie house is sold by Best Products Group company and is part of the Wooden houses product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Barbie house you can contact the company Best Products Group via an offer request below.
Barbie house
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Barbie house. Advantages CASA "BARBI " with SIDING facade
Ideal for:
- great holiday / mountain;
- grandmother's new home in the country;
- the suburban house (weekend);
- house protocol company;
- holiday village (complex);
- the married couple's house (instead of the studio or 2-room apartment);
- the service house (instead of the studio).
- Very low execution cost;
- Low execution time due to the use of dry technologies;
- It can be built in any season;
- The cost of the foundation is reduced due to the use of light materials in the structure and layout;
- Increased thermal efficiency (the thermal transfer coefficient of the walls is k = 0.509 W / mpk compared to k = 1.509W / mpk of the brick walls);
- High seismic resistance, due to the wood structure structure (8,2 - 8,5 Richter);
- Building and facade resistance without time, with no maintenance costs.
Constructive elements
- STRUCTURE - wood profiles combined with US technology, dry, immersed and antiseptic
- WALLS, COVERED, GARMENTS - OSB 3 boards, fire resistant and moisture resistant with knots in resistance knots. Thermal and sound insulation for exterior walls is 10 cm and 15 cm cassette mineral wool, respectively 5 cm wool for interior walls;
- FATADA - American system (vinyl siding) - WARRANTY 50 years (includes waterproofing);
- COVER - bituminous bitumen shingles, imprint USA, life span of 50 years and waterproofing;
- JUNGHEINERS & BURNS - PVC (white / brown) - Belgium / Canada;
- PRISPA - ceramic flooring, wooden railing and PVC pillar.

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