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Hydro thermal insulation

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Hydro thermal insulation
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Hydro thermal insulation. Insulation with thermoplastic polyurethane foam + thermal or phono foam

A complete insulating system

All construction specialists know that the biggest enemy of a building's efficiency is infiltration and air movement in insulation. The enemy of building longevity is moisture and then condensation, which causes molds, fungi, rotting, not to mention the health and comfort treatments & of these agents. While conventional materials can achieve under normal conditions a thermal insulation with a certain degree of success, by their very nature, they use the air to insulate - they can not isolate the air between two climates. The air is mixed, and with each change in outdoor temperature or wind the quality of the insulation is compromised. Water vapor in the air, when it cools, leads to the occurrence of condes: visible or worse dirt in places where it is not visible.


- Thermal conductivity of 0.026 w / mk
- Reduces power consumption by up to 50%
- Fonica - noise reduction of 72 decibels
- Ignifuga - does not burn and does not burn
- Impermeable - let the material breathe
- Antisemitism - reduces the transmission of vibrations
- Rigidizes the structure of a building: 200%
- Durable - 50 years warranty
- Eliminate spaces where insects, rodents, etc. can live.
- Inside and outside

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