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Waterproofing foam

The product Waterproofing foam is sold by Europlastic company and is part of the Polyurethane foams product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Waterproofing foam you can contact the company Europlastic via an offer request below.
Waterproofing foam
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Waterproofing foam. Waterproofing with polyurethane foam
- Building Roofs
- Pipes, pipes
- containers
- tanks
- Coatings

About polyurethane foam
Spray polyurethane foam is used as a waterproofing system in civil and industrial buildings for over 45 years.

During this time, the sprayed polyurethane foam, subjected to accredited or individual tests, proved to be time-resistant, with low cost, fast applicability, compressive strength (pedestrian traffic), sealingly, thermally hydro-thermally, , the surface on which it was applied.

The application surface can be any type of polyurethane foam with very high adhesion.

It is sprayed on the surface (terraces buildings, roofs, etc.) in the form of liquid under pressure, entering into eventual cracks of the surface. Subsequently, this liquid expands, forming a continuous, very stable structure.

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