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Insulation foam

The product Insulation foam is sold by Izohaus Insulation company and is part of the Polyurethane foams product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Insulation foam you can contact the company Izohaus Insulation via an offer request below.
Insulation foam
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Insulation foam. Insulation with polyurethane foam - Upper alternative to polystyrene or mineral wool

With it you will save space because it is applied in a 3 cm layer, only on one of the surfaces (interior or exterior).
Application is sprayed-sprayed using a complex mobile machine that dispenses and controls the temperatures and pressures of the two chemical components (isocyanate and polyol).

If applied externally, it is imperative to cover with a protective layer against ultraviolet rays. Because it is an ecological material it can also be applied inside homes, commercial spaces, farms, etc. It is a synthetic material, duroplast, has a predominantly closed cell structure (with a percentage of over 92% closed cells) and the density is 50%, making special densities for special cases.

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