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Armchairs Yin and Yang

The product Armchairs Yin and Yang is sold by Interior Store company and is part of the Outdoor armchairs product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Armchairs Yin and Yang you can contact the company Interior Store via an offer request below.
Armchairs Yin and Yang
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Armchairs Yin and Yang. YIN & YANG armchairs

Yin Yang Philosophy:

YIN and YANG designate the dark appearance and brightness of all things; the pseudo-aspect and the celestial appearance; negative aspect and positive aspect; female and male appearance; is actually the expression of dualism and universal complementarity. YIN and YANG exist only in relation to each other; I am inseparable.

The Yin Yang Collection combines philosophy, art and nature; creating unique shapes.

The products are handmade from HULARO natural fiber.

The collection brings two types of products:

- YIN YANG: Double Lounge.

Dimensions: Diam. 191 x 106 cm

- YIN / YANG Lounge

Dimensions: 191 x 106 x 83.5 cm

Finishes: Bronze and Platinium.

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