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Semi-transparent pigmented varnish Alkyd EMEX

The product Semi-transparent pigmented varnish Alkyd EMEX is sold by Romtehnochim company and is part of the Lacquers product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Semi-transparent pigmented varnish Alkyd EMEX you can contact the company Romtehnochim via an offer request below.
Semi-transparent pigmented varnish Alkyd EMEX
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Semi-transparent pigmented varnish Alkyd EMEX. Semi-transparent Alkyd Pigmentate Lacquer EMEX is a professional monocomponent, one-component, aluminum based resin product, transparent pigments, special additives and solvents, used as a final layer in systems for the protection and decoration of wood surfaces, both indoors , as well as in external conditions. It is characterized by its high adhesion to the substrate, semi-transparent coating, high UV resistance, good display and a satin gloss, with very good overall performance to protect wood.

Main Features:

- High adhesion to the support;
- Easy application;
- Coverage power;
- Durability;
- Good display;
- Transparent appearance
- Good hardness;
- High gloss;
- Weather and UV resistance.

Fields of Use:

     The EMEX Semi-transparent Pigmented Alkyd Lake is intended for use in decorative or industrial finishing of wood, interior or exterior surfaces.
     It is used as the final layer in protective systems for wooden, indoor or garden furniture, wainscots, swings, window sills, panels, beams, plywood, panel, OSB, wooden boards, other wood surfaces.
     This type of lacquer is not recommended for removing paints or enamels or for metal application.
     The wood surfaces to be covered with EMEX Semi-transparent Pigmented Alkyd Lacquer are sanded with medium grain abrasive paper to remove any asperity, and the resulting dust is removed with soft hair brushes, textile cloths, or aspiration.
     It is intended to remove any traces of dirt or grease impregnated into fibers; even if the previous protection is very good, it will be sanded with abrasive paper and the resulting dust will be removed.
     On new wood surfaces, at least two layers of lacquer will be applied to ensure sufficient fiber impregnation, which will result in superior film resistance, appearance and final appearance.
     Due to the fact that it is semi-transparent, the product allows the creation of different color combinations with effects such as marble, veneer.

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