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Lake Protection for tiles joints EMEX

The product Lake Protection for tiles joints EMEX is sold by Romtehnochim company and is part of the Lacquers product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Lake Protection for tiles joints EMEX you can contact the company Romtehnochim via an offer request below.
Lake Protection for tiles joints EMEX
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Lake Protection for tiles joints EMEX. EMEX Extreme Protection Lake is a professional product based on water-soluble synthetic resins and special additives designed to protect tile and tile joints against environmental factors such as water, mold, friction, etc., both inside both externally. The joint lacquer is transparent and provides long-lasting protection against discoloration, fungus and mold, as well as mechanical damage. Contains state-of-the-art ecological bio-biocides that give it great resistance to fungi, molds and micro-organisms.

Main Features:

- Low drying time;
- Flexible film;
- Do not allow dirt;
- Lotus effect (water rejection);
- Very good UV resistance;
- Prevents discoloration of the putty;
- Provides waterproofing;
- prevents the appearance of molds;
- Ecological character.

Fields of Use:

     The EMEX Joint Protectant is intended for use to protect tile and grit tile joints against environmental factors such as water, molds, friction, etc. both inside and outside. By showing a very high adhesion to the support, the films with a good elasticity, formed by the application of the product, confer a very high resistance against water, preventing its infiltration in the long run or the occurrence of undesirable effects such as: discoloration of the putty, mechanical damage, appearance of fungi or molds, and so on
     A special feature of this product is its "lotus effect" property, which is manifested by the drops of water fallen on the protected area retaining its cohesion force, remain under the initial form and are totally rejected, the film not allowing them to be absorbed into the support.
     Areas attacked by mold or fungi, or just prone to this type of attack, will be cleaned with and impregnated with Sanitizant Forte EMEX prior to the application of EMEX Acrylic Lacquer.
     The cementitious tile used for joining tiles or tiles must be completely dry. Cracks and imperfections will be remedied before applying the product.
     Application is recommended to be made in at least two layers, to obtain a satisfactory gloss degree and good resistance to environmental factors.
     Varnished joints can be put into use within 12 hours of application.

Technical Data Sheet: http://www.emex.ro/Doc/Lac-Protectie-Rosturi.pdf

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