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Laser scanner Trimble TX5

The product Laser scanner Trimble TX5 is sold by Giscad company and is part of the 3D Scanners product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Laser scanner Trimble TX5 you can contact the company Giscad via an offer request below.
Laser scanner Trimble TX5
Sold by: Giscad -
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Laser scanner Trimble TX5. The TX5 is a very fast laser scanner built on the FARO FOCUS 3D scanner that can be used for detailed measurements and documentation. It uses laser technology to produce three dimensional images of complex media and geometries in just a few minutes.

Efficient: has a range of up to 120 m, the level sensor, small size of the unit and ease of use can save you 50% of scanning and processing time compared to conventional lasers
Precisely and quickly: The TX5 creates accurate virtual copies with millimeter accuracy at an incredible speed of 976,000 measured points per second
Economical: The price for the TX5 is revolutionary in itself. No 3D scanner has been so cheap to date
Revolutionary and simple: the unit has an intuitive control concept, touch display, 3D Focus is as easy to use as a camera

Fast scan with integrated color camera
The Trimble TX5 Laser Scanner is capable of measuring at speeds of up to 976,000 pts / sec with a range of up to 120m. The system also includes an integrated 70 megapixel camera with no parallax-free color overlay. The end result is 3D photorealistic images composed of millions of measurements. It provides users with an excellent solution for documenting existing ILO conditions, architectural or structural deformations, factories, accident investigations, and other applications where detail and color are needed.

The Trimble TX5 is the smallest and easiest scanner at the moment. It has a size of 240 mm x 200 mm x 100 mm and a mass of 5 kg. It is easy to handle and position in complex environments. The shipping box is designed to provide an easy and convenient way to carry the device. The scanner has a Li-Ion battery that delivers 5 hours of continuous operation without charging it. The device also has the option to be used over the wireless network to be able to use the office for monitoring projects.

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