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Latex Primer Ana Weiss

The product Latex Primer Ana Weiss is sold by Ana Weiss Prodart company and is part of the Primers & Undercoats product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Latex Primer Ana Weiss you can contact the company Ana Weiss Prodart via an offer request below.
Latex Primer Ana Weiss
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Latex Primer Ana Weiss. Latex primers.

Recommended for indoor and outdoor surfaces, from new mineral plasters or for repainting. Promotes good adhesion to the substrate, impregnates strongly in mineral surfaces, reinforcing fragile supports.

AMORSA LATEX ANA WEISS is an acrylic dispersion-free, solvent-free,
which provides for the consolidation and impregnation of mineral supports in order to apply finishes based on aqueous emulsions or dispersions in the interior or exterior.
It is presented as a homogeneous, solvent free liquid, is made of pure raw materials that do not contain toxic scrap or industrial waste.

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