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Dini digital level

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Dini digital level
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Dini digital level. This tool is dedicated to precision measurements in the field of construction and geodesy. Trimble, optic or digital levels, covers all possible quota determination applications - from simple leveling works to monitoring deformations in various constructions.

Digital DiNi has a simple interface, the time required to learn how to use this tool is low. The system is efficient, it can record measurements in less than 3 seconds. The way to read and write digital data eliminates operator measurement errors. The Distance Measurement System calculates an average of the backyard balance at the time of reading. This ensures high accuracy and an optimal distribution of errors. Due to unfavorable conditions in the field, it is often difficult for readings on the mirage to be difficult due to various obstacles. Using the DiNi Digital Level, these inconveniences are not a problem because it is enough for the mira to be visible on a 30cm portion to perform the measurement.

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