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GAL building level 24

The product GAL building level 24 is sold by Lorencic Bauservice company and is part of the Levels product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product GAL building level 24 you can contact the company Lorencic Bauservice via an offer request below.
GAL building level 24
Sold by: Lorencic Bauservice -
Price: 1.00
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GAL building level 24. Level 24 GAL

Building level or engineer with magnetic compensator.

Technical data:
- Luneta
- length: 202 mm, magnification: 24 x, lens diameter: 36 mm;
- Compensator
- precision of setting: +/- 0.8 ",
- Working range: +/- 15 ', 1km Double Layer: 2mm (24x).

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