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Bedding in Issimo Troya 2 people

The product Bedding in Issimo Troya 2 people is sold by Ami Towels & Pillows company and is part of the Bedroom Linen / Bedding Sets / Bed Linens / Bed Sheets product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Bedding in Issimo Troya 2 people you can contact the company Ami Towels & Pillows via an offer request below.
Bedding in Issimo Troya 2 people
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Bedding in Issimo Troya 2 people. A set of bedding with an extremely original design. Issimo Home Troya is a bed linen recommended for summer nights whether it is cool or warm. The innovative combination of materials offers amazing features. Troya is part of Antik Collection at Issimo Home with the color of straw brings an atmosphere of meaning to your bedroom & amp; ndash; Flax is one of the wires used in the oldest fabrics in the world. The flax was once the exchange currency in ancient Egypt symbolizing cleanliness and purity and reflecting wealth. The upper part of the pilot sheet and pillow is embossed with the piquet fabric with antique wallpapers but without touching your body, keeping the areas in contact with the silky smooth fabric especially made to protect your skin from touching it easily. The Pilot Sheath has a composition that offers thermal insulation properties so the summer can be used to cover you without using it anymore. But if it's too hot the material lets the body breathe in, it takes over the heat of the body and dissipates it outside, the sleep will be more enjoyable. The gorgeous design is complemented by elegant, sleek hardwood buttons. Lingerie is a little more bulky due to the thickness of the fabric piquet is packed in a plastic envelope that protects it until use. -SKU: 1031TROY-Color: Crem-Manufacturer: Issimo Home-Size: 2 people-Material: - 40% cotton combination and 60% cotton- Decorative hardwood buttons-Maintenance: Manual or automatic washing at 40 gr. C.-Other: Upper pilot liner - Piquet fabric; Pillowcase Cowboy Cowboy Cowl - Ranforce fabric Bedding: 260 x 270 cm - Pillowcase: 50 x 70 cm (4 pcs) - Pilot cover: 200 x 220 cm - Delivery time: 2 - 3 days Workers-Delivery Costs: Free shipping for orders with a total value of more than 450 RON. Express courier delivery 19 lei for orders with a total value of products less than 450 RON.

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