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MARMO-glass adhesive professional FX17

The product MARMO-glass adhesive professional FX17 is sold by Feboni company and is part of the Ceramic tile adhesives product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product MARMO-glass adhesive professional FX17 you can contact the company Feboni via an offer request below.
MARMO-glass adhesive professional FX17
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MARMO-glass adhesive professional FX17. Marmo-glass professional FX17 adhesive

Marmo-Glass FX 17 is a fast-curing adhesive and very good adhesion on glass, low-absorption ceramic tiles (porcelain, marble, granite, natural or composite tiles) resistant to water and freeze-thaw.

Packaging: Multilayer paper bags weighing 25 kg net.

Appearance: Homogeneous white powder

Conservation: 12 months in its own packaging, on wooden pallets in dry places

Consumption: 3-5 kg ​​/ m & # 178; depending on the ceramic tile or natural stone format, ie 2-3 m 2 glass brick masonry / 25 kg bag.

Fields of use: For wet or dry environments (sandstone, porcelain, semigression, marble, granite, natural or composite basalt, etc.) in the interior and exterior of the heated floors (exposed to temperatures between -25 ° C and + 90 ° C), swimming pools, walls (ordinary plaster or cement mortar), absorbent surfaces (BCA masonry, plaster based plasters, pre-primed with CERADEZ AM primer # 8217; 02) of glass bricks.

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