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Model HMS Victory

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Model HMS Victory
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Model HMS Victory. Macheta HMS Victory

The particularly elegant and precious model makes this Macheta a perfect gift for women, men, friends, office colleagues and more.

HMS Victory, launched in 1765, is the oldest ship still in use and the only survivor of the US Independence War, the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars. HMS Victory was one of the fastest ships of its time, and was also very easy to handle. Maximum recorded speed: 11 nodes. He served as Admiral Lord Nelson's Order Ship in the decisive Battle of Trafalgar (1805). In this historical confrontation, on the bridge of HMS Victory, Lord Nelson was shot by a French sniper in the backbone and died shortly after he reputed what was considered to be the greatest victory in the history of the British Royal Navy.

Dimensions 103 x 32 x 87 cm

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