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Multicellular centrifugal pump

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Multicellular centrifugal pump
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Multicellular centrifugal pump. MULTICELLULAR CENTRIFUGAL PUMPS
With a wide range of industrial applications, in the mining, fire-fighting, domestic and industrial water supply sectors, for the supply of heating boilers, the multicellular pumps take up most of the workloads. This range of pumps includes models with flow rates of up to 300 m3 / hour.

These pumps are designed to pump water or other fluids that do not contain impurities or other abrasive materials.

The main advantages of these multicellular centrifugal pumps are the large pressures available, the simplicity of installation and the lack of maintenance of the pump during operation.

Standard models deliver liquids with a maximum temperature of 105 ° C, and in special construction this temperature can be 140 ° C.

The hydraulic characteristics of this category of pumps comply with the specifications of the ISO 2548 Class C standards.

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