Solution Nano Protect stone surfaces

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Solution Nano Protect stone surfaces
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Solution Nano Protect stone surfaces. Nano Protect® Stone.

STONE ® PROTECT NANO-1 is a ready to use solution, transparent surfaces made of stone, natural stone, minerals, stones, concrete, brick, absorbent or less absorbent surfaces.

NANO-PROTECT ® STONE 1 Stone is a nanotechnology solution sanitary protection, long lasting waterproofing properties used for interior and exterior surfaces type granite, cobblestone alleys, fences, interior and exterior walls, plastered houses, etc.


Product based on SiO2 and water.

Product features:

- Hydrofob, let stand to "breathe"
- No negative influence on the visual appearance
- application by spraying extremely easy
- Let the treated surface to breathe
- physiologically harmless
- Short drying
- Ecological used in food
- Biocompatible
- Temperature resistance up to 450 ° C (peak temperature)
- Odorless
- Non-corrosive, irritant
- Tends to permanent (depending on traffic and chemical industries used to wash)

Application technique:

NANO-PROTECT ® STONE one is ready to use and not to be mixed.

To achieve a long lasting support to be very clean and degrease.

NANO-PROTECT ®STONE 1 to be sprayed from a distance of 15 cm on the support. An optimal protection is applied by spraying two or three times a wet - on - wet the support. The product should be applied as evenly.

If problematic and sensitive surfaces, we recommend testing the product stability on an inconspicuous area.

Storage temperature:

4 ° C to 30 ° C

Period of validity:

Sealed Pack: 2 years and 6 months unsealed.

Drying time / Strengthening substrate applied:

The application 24h at 20 ° C.

Caution: Do not rub! The spray dried water stains or very little water with detergent and then is absorbed by an absorbent servent. The process is repeated until the stain is removed

Warning: Use only suitable cleaning agents to clean surface pH
Capacity400 ml

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