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Aluminum boxes

The product Aluminum boxes is sold by Color-Metal company and is part of the Pallets / Euro Pallets product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Aluminum boxes you can contact the company Color-Metal via an offer request below.
Aluminum boxes
Sold by: Color-Metal -
Price: 1.00
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Aluminum boxes. Aluminum Boxpallets

Construction types:

Material: Aluminum Aluminum Profiles
Connections: Welded
Load area: With grates
Settlement mode: On soles or hubs


Welded grids homogeneously
Mass use remains constant
Type of load capacity: divided load
For electronic reading - it is equipped with barcode printed in metal
The material used is anticorrosive
It does not require maintenance
The surface can be cleaned easily
Long service life
Economic (replaces tax packages)
It is a logistics object that can be used several times
In case of intensive wear - the material has a high degree of recyclability

It can be used to increase functionality on different machines:

Roller Chassis

In the case of special requests, you can order:

Dimensions different from those standard
With types of grates different from those standard
With laced or ribbed surfaces
Loaded non-slip surface
Edge edge
Soles or hubs

Usage techniques:
Boxpalet lifted with cargo with forklift or forklift
Before lifting, check that the surface of the box is fully on the forklift
Avoid placing the boxed boots with the soles on the front wheels of forklifts!
Handling of Silo Boxes: Forklifts, Roller Surfaces, Roller Chassis
Manipulation of hacksaw boxes: with forklifts or roller coasters
Store overlay when not in use.

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