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Polyurethane paint for yachts EMEX

The product Polyurethane paint for yachts EMEX is sold by Romtehnochim company and is part of the Industrial paints / coatings product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Polyurethane paint for yachts EMEX you can contact the company Romtehnochim via an offer request below.
Polyurethane paint for yachts EMEX
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Polyurethane paint for yachts EMEX. Yacht Polyurethane Paint EMEX is a professional two-component acrylic-polyolefin based product, pigments, special additives and isocyanates, designed to decorate metal, polyester, epoxy or wood surfaces to obtain excellent resistance to salty or sweet water, strong impacts, discoloration, etc. Due to the fact that it can be obtained as a transparent product and due to its remarkable luster, it can also be used as a lacquer. The product can be colored in a wide range of RAL colors.

Main Features:

- High adhesion to the support;
- Fast drying;
- Coverage power;
- Durability;
- Good display;
- Transparent appearance
- Good hardness;
- Excellent wear resistance;
- Weather, UV, chemical, etc.

Fields of Use:

     The EMEX Yacht Polyurethane Paint is intended for use in decorative finishing of liners or recreational craft of any size, exploited in fresh or salty water as well as exterior wood decoration elements exposed to UV and UV rays that require high performance films and resistant to aggressive factors with superior gloss.
     Even though the main destination of the EMEX Yacht Polyurethane Paint is painting yachts or boats of any type, providing protection in both fresh water and salt water, it can be used with great results on any metal surface, wood, fiber glass, masonry, etc.
     The wood or fiberglass surfaces to be covered with EMEX Yamaha Polyurethane Paint are then sanded and then sanded with medium grain abrasive paper until all scratches are removed and the resulting dust is removed with soft-grained brushes, textile, or aspiration.
     Any previous protection, regardless of the type of product, will be removed by pickling with Emex CM CLEANER or EMEX PC ECO decapant, followed by drying, grinding with abrasive paper and scrubbing.
     At least two layers of paint will be applied, in order to obtain an optimum thickness of the film, which will result in superior resistance to scratches, friction, but also the appearance and final appearance of a particularly pleasant appearance.

Technical Data Sheet: http://www.emex.ro/Doc/Vopsea-Poliuretanica-Yahturi.pdf

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