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Laminate Piazza

The product Laminate Piazza is sold by Erta company and is part of the Laminate Parquet Flooring product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Laminate Piazza you can contact the company Erta via an offer request below.
Laminate Piazza
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Laminate Piazza. exclusivist

Beautiful, more beautiful, piazza. The Witex premium collection has some very special decorations, ready for you. Timeless, elegant designs, perfectly presented due to the high-quality mat or very glossy surface.

Ecological values ​​are good, because only FSC certified wood is used for core processing. As an option, Piazza is available with the already installed Sound Protect Eco system, making it one of the most ecological types of laminate flooring.

Perfect for all your home and for commercial use.

- High quality decorations
- Ecological laminate flooring due to FSC core, awarded as "Blue Angel"
- Highly resistant surface thanks to DPL + (suitable for industrial washing machines)
- Suitable for wet rooms thanks to the Aqua-Protect system
- Suitable for underfloor heating systems, scratch-resistant, immune to stains
- Perfect acoustics thanks to Sound-Protect Eco (optional)

- Dimensions: 1280mm x 192mm | Thickness: 8mm | 10mm with Sound-Protect Eco | Core: Aqua-Protect & # 174; to be used in wet rooms, FSC-
- Surface: Fine super glossy or matte surface
- Lifetime warranty for product bonding and stability, abrasion, UV resistance, stain resistance

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