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Pavement composite Decodeck

The product Pavement composite Decodeck is sold by Geplast company and is part of the Wood flooring product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Pavement composite Decodeck you can contact the company Geplast via an offer request below.
Pavement composite Decodeck
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Pavement composite Decodeck. Decodeck is a composite pavement made of a homogeneous mixture of wood and plastic, combining the best of their properties.

The natural appearance of wood is now combined with the reliability of plastic, resulting in a very durable product that does not require any special maintenance.

Thanks to the excellent features of Decodeck composite pavements, new products can be developed that could not be made with natural wood. Design possibilities are endless. Due to moisture resistance, Decodeck pavements do not decay, split or decompose.

Decodeck is specially designed to withstand the action of environmental factors (humidity, dry environment, heat, frost, solar radiation, intense traffic).

Due to these characteristics and its resistance to moisture (even in salt water), Decodeck is used in works where classical wood would not cope with the range of applications being varied: fences, private or public terraces, exterior walkways, outdoor furniture, stairs, indoor gardens ..

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