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Thassos White Marble Pebble 2-4cm KG

The product Thassos White Marble Pebble 2-4cm KG is sold by PIATRAONLINE company and is part of the Natural / Decorative stone product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Thassos White Marble Pebble 2-4cm KG you can contact the company PIATRAONLINE via an offer request below.
Thassos White Marble Pebble 2-4cm KG
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Thassos White Marble Pebble 2-4cm KG. The white marble pebbles of Thassos are the best-selling ornamental stone, chosen by PIATRAONLINE clients for the sumptuousness and distinction that it gives to exterior arrangements. Pebble is the generic term that defines irregular and rounded (antique) stones of various sizes, which are mainly used in exterior decorations: alleys, delineation of flower beds, playgrounds for children. In the case of pebble made of Thassos marble, it is found in landscaping of minimalist tents, but also in covered or semi-covered areas of large and medium size. And here we are talking about decorating the terraces as well as the fences and the borders around the houses or the interiors, from the exhibition spaces. It should be remembered that Thassos marble pebbles are in the form of different product categories, depending on the size, starting from 1-2 cm to 25-50 cm and sold in sacks. & Nbsp; In Marbles with Thassos marbles, great, aesthetic and practical results can be achieved by using DECO UNI (a decorative mosaic for exterior design)!

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