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Pellet burner

The product Pellet burner is sold by Ora Cinci company and is part of the Biofuels product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Pellet burner you can contact the company Ora Cinci via an offer request below.
Pellet burner
Sold by: Ora Cinci -
Price: 6500
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Burners on pellets!
This type of burner works on any type of pellets.
This burner model uses any kind of pellets, we tested it even with chestnuts!
It has a much higher yield than the old burners.
It's complete: bunker and automation!
It is very easy to mount and adaptable to almost any kind of boiler!
For details do not hesitate to contact us!
This burner is from 30 kw to 300 kw.
The price of a 30 kW burner is 6500 ron with VAT included, automation burner and bunker!
The price of a 50 kw arder is 7,000 ron with VAT

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