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Post polyolefin fence

The product Post polyolefin fence is sold by Polnebo company and is part of the Wire Mesh Fence product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Post polyolefin fence you can contact the company Polnebo via an offer request below.
Post polyolefin fence
Sold by: Polnebo -
Price: 1.00
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Post polyolefin fence. Polyolefin nets are increasingly replacing membranes used so far in many applications.
These nets are durable, lightweight and do not corrode and prove to be exequivalent as fences, shrubs and shrubs protection, and as consolidation products.
The way they are applied is almost unlimited, and depends on the user's specific needs.

Type of net: In construction type B 004
Eye Size [mm]: 15x15
Mass [g / m]: 250
Commercial shape: 1.2 m / 50 m wide roll band

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