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Decorative plaster ultrapermeabila - Weber.Pas Topdry 25kg

The product Decorative plaster ultrapermeabila - Weber.Pas Topdry 25kg is sold by PIATRAONLINE company and is part of the Decorative plasters product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Decorative plaster ultrapermeabila - Weber.Pas Topdry 25kg you can contact the company PIATRAONLINE via an offer request below.
Decorative plaster ultrapermeabila - Weber.Pas Topdry 25kg
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Decorative plaster ultrapermeabila - Weber.Pas Topdry 25kg. The ultra-permeable decorative plaster can be applied over base coat or heat-insulating plasters with tins over the thermal insulation system made of polystyrene or mineral wool. High-permeable decorative plaster based on natural raw materials and synthetic resin based binder. Colors: & nbsp; ultrapermeable decorative plaster is dispo218 colors according to the color palette Area to be applied: recommended for thermosystems exposed to dusty dust or heavy traffic. Supporting the surface:
The substrate must be clean, dry, non-deformable, dry, homogeneous and fixed.
The substrate must be aged. Apply a thin layer of priming primer Weber G700 to the substrate and allow to dry for 5-12 hours. How to prepare and work:
Mix the required quantity for a wall (the content of several buckets) to obtain a more uniform color.
The plaster is applied in a thin layer with a stainless steel trowel. A wall is plastered without interruption. The desired structure is obtained by circular or linear trowel with a plastic or polystyrene trowel immediately after application. The final structure is influenced by the thickness of the coat and the make-up mode. Recommendations:
The working temperature is minimum + 5 ° C and maximum + 30 ° C
The fresh plaster has to be protected from rain or other weather until drying
The used tools wash with water immediately after use. After finishing the bucket application it will close hermetically so that the remaining material does not harden. Packaging: & nbsp; 30 kg bucket 720 kg pallets (24 buckets) Features: & nbsp; drying time: 24 hours Homogenizing time: 1 minute
These times are set for a temperature of 200 ° C and relative humidity of the air of 65%. Higher temperatures shorten, and lower these times. Technical data:
Support grip: & ge; 0 3 N / mm2
Durability (frost resistance) EN 1062-3 REAL & lt; 0 5 kg (m2 h0 5) Maximum Granulation:
Rolling: 2 mm
Fine: 5 mm
Average: 2 mm Shelf life: & nbsp; 12 months from date of manufacture & amp; freezing and high temperatures in the hermetically sealed bucket. Consumption:
Fine Granulation: 2.4-2.6 kg / m2
Rolling Granulation: 2.6-2.8 kg / m2
Average Granulation: 2.9-3.1 kg / m2

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