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Crafting Gypsum Turda

The product Crafting Gypsum Turda is sold by Metrix Com company and is part of the Gypsum / Plaster product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Crafting Gypsum Turda you can contact the company Metrix Com via an offer request below.
Crafting Gypsum Turda
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Crafting Gypsum Turda. Ipsos Modellaj Turda

Gips is a white gypsum powder. Mixing with water forms a homogeneous paste with relatively short sockets and superior workability.
Gips is packaged in 40 kg bags and in 25 kg bags


It is intended for the interior finishing of cement-sand or cement-lime plasters, by application as a finishing trowel. It can also be used in pre-leveling of surfaces, repairs of the substrate, including filling of holes.
The Gips model is ideal for casting shapes, making stucco and ornaments, column scaffolds, fronts, cornering, ceilings and other applications of this kind.

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