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Building Plaster 25 kg

The product Building Plaster 25 kg is sold by Metrix Com company and is part of the Gypsum / Plaster product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Building Plaster 25 kg you can contact the company Metrix Com via an offer request below.
Building Plaster 25 kg
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Price: 10,2
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Building Plaster 25 kg. Ipsos construction 25 kg

Construct Gips is a gray gypsum powder. By mixing with water, a homogeneous paste with a short outlet and superior workability is formed.
Construct Gips is packaged in 40 kg bags and in 25 kg bags.


It is intended for preliminary leveling, repairs of the substrate, including the filling of holes.
Fixing the supports and electrical installations on the walls.

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