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Fully corrosion epoxy primer EMEX

The product Fully corrosion epoxy primer EMEX is sold by Romtehnochim company and is part of the Primers & Undercoats product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Fully corrosion epoxy primer EMEX you can contact the company Romtehnochim via an offer request below.
Fully corrosion epoxy primer EMEX
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Fully corrosion epoxy primer EMEX. EMEX Anti-Corrosion Primer EMEX is a two-component, professional epoxy resin based solution, organic pigments, specific additives, ecological fillers and anti-corrosion agents, the latest generation, without lead or chromium salts, used as a primary layer to protect metallic elements , exploited in large aggressive environments, both indoors and outdoors. This type of primer is characterized by its high adhesion to the substrate, high weather resistance, highly aggressive chemical environments, high temperature variations, etc.

Main Features:

- High adhesion to the support;
- High coverage power;
- High hardness;
- Durability;
- Excellent wear resistance;
- High weather resistance;
- High oil resistance;
- High resistance to alkaline media;
- High resistance to corrosive agents.

Fields of Use:

     The EMEX Anti-corrosion Epoxy Primer is intended for professional use as a primary layer for the corrosion protection of metallic surfaces exploited in aggressive environments (weak acid or alkaline, petroleum products: gasoline, diesel, mineral oils, hydrocarbons, humidity, weather, etc.) as well as the preparation for painting the metal structures of the ships.
     The product is used both for the coating and protection of new metal surfaces as well as for those that have been painted with other compatible film products, after cleaning with the DECAPANT EMEX CM CLEANER or EMEX PC ECO Ecopard, followed by mechanical cleaning.
     If there is an old rust layer, it is preferable to use EMEX RUST STOP Rust Removal Solution.
     The product can be used for any other metal surfaces: steel tanks, bodywork and automotive or machine parts, pipes, pipes, containers, radiators, sheet metal, scaffolding and metallic rails, grills, parapets, metal furniture, metallic fixing brackets, fences , railings, gates, hardware, metal poles, scenes, beams, metal stands and aprons, etc.
     It can be applied both on galvanized sheet and on stainless steel.
     This two-component epoxy primer can be used with very good results in the Bicomponent Email Epoxy or Bicomponent Polyurethane Email.

Technical Data Sheet:

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