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Suction centrifugal pump with axial

The product Suction centrifugal pump with axial is sold by Interobiz company and is part of the Centrifugal pumps product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Suction centrifugal pump with axial you can contact the company Interobiz via an offer request below.
Suction centrifugal pump with axial
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Suction centrifugal pump with axial. PUMP CENTER WITH AXIAL ASPIRATION
These pumps have a wide range of applications, being used in almost all processes in which liquids are used. Exhaust design up to 350 mm is designed for compact installations and for easy maintenance. Frequent applications are in industrial, agricultural, refrigeration and air conditioning systems, vehicles for public or private water supplies. This range of pumps includes models with flow rates of up to 5000 m3 / hour.

Standards DIN 24-255 / NF E 44111 define the hydraulic performance and the main construction dimensions of this range of pumps.

The main advantages of these axial suction centrifugal pumps are easy maintenance and reliability due to constructive simplicity.

Standard models deliver liquids with a maximum temperature of 100 ° C, and on request this temperature can be 160 ° C.

Maintenance and repair can be done without the two pump connections being disconnected. This aspect is very important, reflecting directly in the maintenance and repairs of the pumps.

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