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Screw pump

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Screw pump
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This range of pumps has applicability for raising large volumes of water at level level differences. The most frequent applications are irrigation, water supply of water purification stations and cooling water supply for industrial platforms, drainage and flood control.

The VT, VAL, SC series also have irrigation applications, water supply to water purification stations and cooling water supply for industrial platforms, chillers and air conditioning systems for temperature control. The construction of these pumps consists of a regenerative pump coupled to an asynchronous motor, the pump having a non-insulated immersed turbine. The dimensions are in accordance with EN 12157.

The operating conditions of this range of pumps are as follows: Liquid temperature - water up to 90 ° C, oil up to 1506 ° C. Ambient temperature - up to 40 ° C. Minimum pressure: 0,9 bar. Continuous operation.

Construction materials: pump body - bronze G-Cu Sn 10 EN 1982; casing - bronze G-Cu Sn 10 EN 1982; turbine - brass P-Cu Zn Pb 2 UNI 5705; axle - OL Cr 1.4104 EN 10088 (AISI 430); bearing sleeve - Cr-Mo steel resistant to corrosion; casing of the rulemnt - polymer; screws - Cr-Ni steel 1.4301 EN 10088 (AISI 304).

This range of pumps includes models with flow rates of up to 10000 m3 / hour.

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