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Vertical multistage pump

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Vertical multistage pump
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Vertical multistage pump. VERTICAL MULTIFAX PUMPS
These types of pumps have a wide range of applications for metropolitan and industrial users requiring high water pressure, such as fire extinguishing groups, high pressure cleaning systems, irrigation and metropolitan water reserves.

Vertical multiphase pumps powered by an electric motor are efficient and have low maintenance cost, with low sound pollution, are most commonly used for pressurized water storage units.

Vertical multi-phase vertical pumps are used for pressurized water systems, high-pressure cleaning, industrial and agricultural applications, etc. The maximum ambient temperature in which these pmpe can work is 50 degrees Celsius.

The NX series is designed for inline installation, being high pressure multistage vertical pumps. The most common applications are civil and industrial ones, pressure lifting, fire extinguishing units, high-pressure cleaning, irrigation, water treatment plants, etc.

The NLX series are also designed for inline installation, being high pressure multistage vertical pumps, with the same applications as the NX series. They are designed with an interlinked motor, with a stainless steel spindle. The electric motors that they have are rated at 2900 RPM at 50Hz, Class F insulation, IP 55, 230 V single phase or 400/690 V three phase. This range includes pumps with flow rates up to 140 m3 / h.

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