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Submersible propeller

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Submersible propeller
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The submersible pumps with propellers are a range of axial flow submersible pumps and are suitable for raising large volumes of water at relatively low level differences. Common applications include drainage of flooded water, irrigation, water supply for artesian fountains, and cooling water supply.

Submersible pumps with axial and semiaxial propellers are specially designed to lift high flow rates at small and medium heights. Reliability and high efficiency make them suitable for pumping rainwater collected, drainage, drainage, rice fields, water purification stations, aquaparks (water fun parks), marine water, etc.

The pumps have a solid structure, and they are supplied with a sturdy classical shaft offering solid and compact equipment. Insulation between the engine and the hydraulic end is made by two high-end mechanical gaskets, and the oil bath. The motor is three-phase, short-circuit rotor with IP 68 and insulation class F for 155 degrees Celsius.

The installation is very simple, when the pump is inserted into the exhaust pipe, it is supported by its own weight. This range of pumps includes models with flow rates of up to 30000 m3 / hour.

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