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Pump chipper

The product Pump chipper is sold by Interobiz company and is part of the Sewage Dirty Waste Water Pumps With Cutter Shredder product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Pump chipper you can contact the company Interobiz via an offer request below.
Pump chipper
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Pump chipper. PUMP PUMP PUMP
These electropumps are distinguished from the majority of the exhaust pumps by the structural particularity of the chopper, which allows it to deliver liquids that have suspended fibrous particles, which would normally alter the rotor's operation. The most common uses of this type of pump are the feeding of faecal waters, whether of human or animal nature.

Turbines mounted on this range of pumps have been designed using the most advanced technology available to achieve the highest degree of efficiency. The cutting system is treated against corrosion. Depending on the model, these pumps may have domestic or professional utility. Each model is fitted with an engine protection system with manual or automatic reset.

These pumps are designed to carry liquids with suspended contents of: sanitary napkins, wet handkerchiefs, textiles, gloves or plastic objects, rubber or latex, etc.

The wide range of models available allows a diverse use of these pumps, including sewerage systems, sewerage centralization systems, water treatment plants, spillway sewerage systems or ecological basins, etc.

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