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PVC flooring professional

The product PVC flooring professional is sold by Casimo company and is part of the PVC Flooring & Vinyl Flooring / Polyvinyl Flooring product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product PVC flooring professional you can contact the company Casimo via an offer request below.
PVC flooring professional
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PVC flooring professional. Professional PVC flooring

They have a strong aesthetic impact that denotes modernity and elegance.
Suitable for areas with heavy traffic.
Maintenance is easy and low cost.
They have a very good resistance to exposure and contact with chemicals.
The products are antibacterial and fungicidal.
It is antistatic and has very good dimensional stability over time

For medical facilities according to European norms it is necessary to have a special assembly which involves the raising and welding of joints.

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