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Rhodes Slate 3cm x LL

The product Rhodes Slate 3cm x LL is sold by PIATRAONLINE company and is part of the Slate Tiles, Wall & Floor Tiles, Topps Tiles product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Rhodes Slate 3cm x LL you can contact the company PIATRAONLINE via an offer request below.
Rhodes Slate 3cm x LL
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Rhodes Slate 3cm x LL. Natural decorative stone, 3cm long rosary slate, is a symbiosis that few materials in this area can support with credibility and aplomb. Regardless of the nature of the project, regardless of the nature of its design or its design, this Rhodes slate has the dual quality of producing an antique beauty, but also a chic look, a subtle elegance. We are always ready to help you fulfill your dreams.
It resists unfavorable weather conditions - snow, rains, rising temperatures and rapid declines - which generally affect other materials. It has a specific resistance that prevents acid-based substances from damaging the material so easily. Beginning this year, we began to cut it to a width of 3 cm with free lengths

Utility: & nbsp; For buildings without architectural ornaments, the Rhodes natural decorative stone is perfect because it lets you see the textured accent of the construction. If we think for example in wine or wine warehouses where attention does not fall on aesthetics as well as on the quality of the material able to provide favorable conditions for preserving wine, we understand how the plating of such buildings with Rhodes natural stone can be among the most suitable choices. >

Recommendations Mounting:

If the installation is made up to 3m tall it can be laid directly over brick wood thermosystem, etc.

If the installation is over 3m height, it is compulsory to use the Buzau type net and several dowels to secure the thermosystem

If mounting is desired over Rigips, it is compulsory to use a rabbit nets
ColourBeige / Crem

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