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Exterior blinds electric drive

The product Exterior blinds electric drive is sold by Mondo Style company and is part of the Blinds product category. For more details (pricing, promotions and expert advice) about the product Exterior blinds electric drive you can contact the company Mondo Style via an offer request below.
Exterior blinds electric drive
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Exterior blinds electric drive. Exterior shutters with electrically operated SML

Ideal solution for INTEGRA windows

- Reduce heat by up to 95%.
- Improve thermal insulation by up to 27%.
- Fully obstruct the light.
- Soundproofing.
- Protects the window against external mechanical actions.
- Operation with the remote control that controls the electric motor.
- They have a discreet profile that integrates perfectly into the roof.
- io-homecontrol technology allows you to program the opening / closing of the roll at the desired times.
- They can stop anywhere on the surface of the window.
- For installation on manually operated windows, an electric operating system will also be purchased.

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