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Rotor Series 3504-PC

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Rotor Series 3504-PC
Sold by: Irri Garden -
Price: 58,5
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Rotor Series 3504-PC. - It is sold with a 6 Diuze Rain CurtainTM package
- Perfect watering near the rotor
- Uniform water distribution across the radius.
- Radius adjustment screw that allows the beam to be reduced by up to 25% without changing the nozzle
- Adjusting the watering area is made easy by a screw on the end of the rotor
- Dies are easy to change without the need for any special tools
- Easy to clean filter
- Black rubber cap
- Rotor mechanism lubricated with water for good operation.


- Radius: from 4.6 to 10.7 m
- Minimum radius 2.9 m using the radius adjustment screw
- Operating pressure: from 1.7 to 3.8 bar
- Water flow: from 0.12 to 1.04 m3 / h
- Watering area: between 40o and 360o


Body height: 16.8 cm
Telescope height: 10.2 cm
Exposed diameter: 2.9 cm
Entry into the rotor is made on the inner thread & # 189;

Role models:

- 3504-PC: Rotor with watering area between 40o and 360o

(diuses are included in the price)

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